Tuesday, January 18, 2011

' < The Things >'

ok..folks.. things??

sounds like many.. but for now, i want to talk about,
hmm...just 1..
probably coz i feel like want to talk about other things after this..

for now....its about My Laptop..
everybody have laptop, right?...of cos not all..but mostly students in all kind of fields, institutes, and levels have this thing call laptop..
again, ignore the grammer or so watever...

and mine, doesnt have any names like normally call their laptop with a nickname...
he is already 5years old..
isnt it too old for being a laptop??

ok..dis is mine..ASUS A6000..ya, old series.. RM 2834.. 5 years ago..
d pic is, 2 and half years maybe..
indeed, he is at the best state..lots of software installed..

its my fren too when i bring him to discuss with my classmate..
dis time, discussing how to design our Solidwork Project, not only for the subject, but also for a competition... named Flood Stopper..
and he is very2 useful at this moment..i love him so much..

he is my sleeping partner too..
dis moment, i was broke my leg..just have an accident at in front of Giant Kuantan, the traffic light..
it was the worst accident had happen to me..
my fren ride the bike and crash the Yellow Storm when it was a slippery road and failed to break it n stop it on time..my right leg broke..
he always there to accompany me..

i share my other thing with him too..
bought a new futsal@roadrunner shoe..original..1st time in my life..
so he d 1st one to know...

in d 3rd year..
he was too big to placed on the table...
the desk at KK2 was so 'cute' till not space for him..
from dis moment, he start to make problem..
pity on him...

in my PSM semester, i brought him to repair at some computer course student at kk2..
welding process is one of the step of his healing process..
the small component of connector that connect the motherboard and the cable charger was unconnected to the circuit..

and now, here it becomes..
the angle connector between the screen and the keyboard is broken..
he screen fail to stand by itself, so i against it on d small table in my room..
it just for temporary..
from FB, 1 of my mate told me to do this...

Nurul Rahimah Rahman commented on your photo. Nurul wrote: "ooo.. klu mcm 2 beli la casing lid pas 2.. betulkan heins.. x tau la eja betul ke x.. ikut org 2 cakap jek.. mmg lebih sikit rm 300.. hehehehe.. x leh bawak g ana2 ar klu pakai external monitor... beli je la laptop baju.... netbook baru 900"

i dont wat it is, but i will find out if i have money to do so..

so, just pray dat my lil lappie not causing any further problems until i buy a new one..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

- Fall In .... -

Dh lama aku xjatuh..n rasa relief gila bila jatuh…

Jatuh apa?? Jatuh cinta?? Nahh, itu dah byk kali..hehe..

Jatuh moto?? 3 4 kali gak la yg aku ingt..tp bkn ni yg aku nk bicarakan..

Jatuh sakit?? Yes, dis week my whole family get sick..demam, batuk n pening2..

So, yes, jatuh yg sebenarnya jatuh..

Dh agak lama xjatuh smpai tergolek2..tgn sakit, kaki sakit..

Tp xseyes pon, ala, jatuh tergelincir nak sambut bola badminton..dh adik aku 2, yg kcik skali 2 mls nk lompat, so aku lah kna smbut bola blkg dia..tp, aku yg gelincir jatuh, sbb main atas batu2 yg nk bt rumah 2 (as in pics below)….huhu…

Kebas gak tgn ni wlupun xluka apa2..tp seyes, mmg best jatuh…suma org gelak..xla malu sgt kan, dpn family sndri…

Every evening, aku n adik2 aku men badminton..starter tuk aku berjogging esok lusa..klu trus jog mmg pancit n cramp la kaki…

Bajet mcm anak2 sidek la, terer men badminton..tp kami anak2 Basuki, consider cekap gak main badminton..jaguh kampong..huhu

aku xmain time ni, gmbr2 ni bulan 12 pnya citer...gmbr hr ni xda la, xkan ayah aku nk ambk gmbr kami main kot..buang masa..huuhu..
klu ayah aku bt 1 court tuk kami, dh pasti kami, d 4 Brothers ni akn wakil malaysia...

ok, dats all..c ya..